Lincoln Townley Studio

Tania Borealis - Limited Edition Print (UNIVERSE Collection)


45 x 60cm; Edition of 5, official studio stamp, supplied with a signed certificate of authenticity.

‘Tania Borealis’, a star 138 light years away, is evolving into a giant star as the supply of hydrogen at its core becomes exhausted. Lincoln's banker portraits depict figures in a similar state, burning in a white-hot glow to make the most out of their time on earth, taking complete advantage of everything available to maximise their productivity and after-hours excesses.

At Lincoln's Saatchi show, the Tania Borealis and Tania Australis portraits have received as much attention as any other works, and the studio is excited to present this work as a limited edition print. The heavy swirling oils that Lincoln uses in the painting are gravity-defying in the flesh, and frozen in time in the fine art print. Only 5 will be made available to collectors.

Museum-quality framing of this print can be arranged on request.

Prints from Lincoln Townley are created on archival cotton rag under strict criteria at a Hahnemühle-certified print studio. Frames are made to museum standard using conservation-grade materials, ready for hanging, exhibiting or storage - the ultimate protection for your Lincoln Townley studio print.

All works purchased through the Lincoln Townley Studio are accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

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