Lincoln Townley Studio

BANKER Collection Book, 2nd Edition PREORDER, Signed by Lincoln Townley


Lincoln Townley's BANKER Collection is a series of the artist's latest works from 2021, a selection of which will be shown at Venice Biennale in 2022.

These works have been brought together in an immaculate 500+ page hardback editioned book, available in a limited run for collectors. Each book will be personally signed by the artist, and collectors have the option of adding a signed open edition print of Banker In Soho; one of the first Banker portraits in the collection. The original Banker In Soho portrait, at 40 x 50cm, sold at auction for $151,000 through Sotheby's in New York.

The Lincoln Townley Studio is proud to be able to offer collectors the opportunity to obtain an A4 print of this work to accompany the full Banker catalogue.

Preorders are now open, the books will be signed and delivered to collectors during Spring 2022.


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